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Understanding The Business Environment †

Question: Talk about the Understanding Business Environment. Answer: Presentation Natural examination is the orderly procedure through which the business advertisers recognize the business condition. The area of the business tasks are frequently encircled by colossal difficulties presented by the potential contenders, political variables, and other natural issues. It is in this manner fundamental to direct the total statistical surveying preceding set up the business or build up any activity. The usage of the basic system for the natural examination would be productive for the business advertisers. As indicated by Matzler, Veider and Kathan (2015), the straightforward structure utilized for the introducing the natural examination helps in understanding the business condition all the more absolutely. It not just recognizes the outside business condition, it produces the thoughts regarding the applicable methodologies to be utilized for the business to adapt to such condition (Angulo-Ruiz et al. 2014). It is fundamental for a business chief to deal with the essentia l advance to dissect the outside conditions. Right off the bat, nature is should have been checked for recognizing the central point that make effect on business. Besides, every one of the components is required to be observed and winnowed. Thirdly, it is fundamental to comprehend the effects of these elements on the business capacities (Perlow and Kelly 2014). At long last, the total gauge of the situation is should have been introduced for distinguishing the vital methodologies to be executed further. In like manner, the investigation would introduce the key examination of Best Buy Co., Inc., which is a prestigious gadgets retailer organization working in the worldwide condition. The investigation would introduce the PEST examination to perceive the ecological possibility to work the electronic business. The examination would likewise talk about the worldwide seriousness by utilizing the doormen five powers model. The recognizable proof of inward quality and shortcoming of the organization would likewise be introduced in this examination. As needs be, the best suggestions would be introduced in this examination paper. Assessment of the Trend in the Macro condition (PEST Analysis) Best Buy Co., Inc., is an electronic retailer organization that offers the exemplary electronic administrations for figuring, gaming, and media transmission devices. The organization has built up the operational exercises more than 1,100 stores in United States ( 2017). The focal point of the organization is to guarantee the best proposals on the innovative devices for satisfying the clients desires and upgrade the client base. The significant motivation behind building up the mission is to advance the lives of the individuals by giving the propelled answers for the mechanical contraption use. So as to achieve such crucial, is fundamental for the organization to distinguish the major ecological components that have the huge effect on the business activities (Lee and Grewal 2013). In this segment of the examination, the PEST investigation would be defined to perceive the effect of the outer components, such political, practical, social, and mechanical angles. The PEST exami nation gives the top to bottom thoughts regarding the outside elements that have the unmistakable effects on the business exercises. The impact of the outer market is important to be recognized to guarantee the most likely of the business maintainability. The fundamental requests of the outer market would quantify the accomplishment of the business. The examination is introduced further: Political Factors Political situation is one of the most significant elements that make sway on the business activities. It is remarkable that the world of politics has been affecting the organization for making the drawn out benefit in a nation. Best Buy Co. Inc., has been working more than 1100 areas that have the various political inclinations and dangers. In United States, best Buy conforms to the neighborhood, state, and government laws that are worried about the corporate commitments to the polling form activities and the political applicants. In any case, it has been seen that the government law is denied so as to wipe out the immediate subsidizing to the bureaucratic up-and-comers (Cao and Li 2015). In this way, it is permitting the companies to set up the political activities for encouraging the commitments from the willful workers to specific boards of trustees and up-and-comers. So as to achieve this reason, the Best Buy Employee Political Forum PAC is built up to urge the qualified workers to take an interest. It is seen that the organization pays the assessments by keeping up the relevant laws that are reliable with the objectives and straightforwardness of the organization (Aithal 2017). This PAC Forum is governmentally enrolled under the non-fanatic political activity advisory group, which is represented and constrained by the Federal Elections Campaign Act ( 2017). Conservative Factors The unfurling of the present credit emergency and the lodging framework is diminishing the opportunity of the productive bounce back in the short term. The discretionary cashflow rate was firmly felt in the retail segments of US. After the monetary emergency in 2008, the world economy was totally shaken. It is accounted for that the year-on-year (YOY) retail development rates have been floating somewhere in the range of 4% and 9% from the time of 2003 to the second from last quarter of 2008. Notwithstanding, it is additionally perceived that the final quarter of 2008 encountered the lessening of 4.57%, which made the critical therapist in dispensable livelihoods. Evidently, the electronic merchandise and apparatuses are seen as the extravagant products. It is seen that the current financial structure in US is very trying for Best Buy Co. Inc. because of the consistent diminishing in the salary rate. Social Factors The organization keeps up the viable CSR strategies for offering the best items and administrations to the customers. The social climate in US and Canada mirrors the inclinations for the higher sophistications (McArthur, Weaven and Dant 2016). Individuals in these nations are quite disposed towards utilizing the lavish merchandise with high caliber and sensible costs. The electronic clothes and contraptions offered by Best Buy Co. Inc. are considered as the rich products that are sold by considering the value cognizance. The organization focuses on building the successful associations with the purchasers to pick up the compelling client base (Thursby and Berbari 2016). The value awareness is the central point for the organization to offer the electronic products to the potential shoppers. Thus, focusing on the evaluating procedure is essential to guarantee the maintainable situation in the market. Innovative Factors The portfolio in the private brands is one of the unmistakable components for the electronic retailers. The organization offers the various brands, for example, Platinum, Dynex, Rocketfish, and Insignia. The progressions in the innovations are very requesting among the buyers. US is a nation that invites the mechanical headways and developments in the retail merchandise (Hodges et al. 2015). Besides, the customers are eager to expend the rich and complex clothes for the improvement of their ways of life. Thus, it very well may be inferred that the organization can benefit the chance of the mechanical acknowledgment for guaranteeing the future development in the business. The got thoughts from the above PEST investigation demonstrate that the organization may confront the hindrance in dealing with the costs of the electronic merchandise. The mechanical progressions require progressively capital venture that may make the effect on the clients minds (Blackwell and Eppler 2014). Be that as it may, the use of the valuable evaluating techniques would be useful enough in pulling in more clients towards the items and increase gainfulness for longer time. Serious Environment Analysis (Porters Five Forces Model) Best Buy Co. Inc. expects to give the high innovation convey to the potential clients. The organization has just caught the high piece of the overall industry for select item nature of the electronic merchandise. Be that as it may, so as to achieve the reason for serving the better mechanical contraptions to the clients, the organization requires focusing on the serious condition (Blackwell and Eppler 2014). Watchmen five powers examination helps in distinguishing the market rivalry to decide the ideal procedures for the organization. The watchmen five power investigation would introduce the thoughts regarding the outer market rivalry and business probability to work in an area. Haggling Power of Buyers (Low) The intensity of purchasers is extensively low for Best Buy Co. Inc. the serious valuing apparatuses are the significant focal point of the shoppers while buying the electronic products. Clearly, the electronic merchandise are seen as the sumptuous items. Thusly, shoppers purchase these items in little amount (Porter and Heppelmann 2014). It likewise depends on the recurrent buys because of which it very well may be accepted that the costs for the items would coordinate with the potential purchasers. Haggling Power of Suppliers (High) The intensity of the providers is commonly higher. It has been seen that the organization gets the items direct from the makers because of which it follows through on low costs for the crude material. This cost is for the most part given to the client benefits. Notwithstanding, if the organization doesn't agree to the conditions raised by the providers, it would make the negative results (Martnez, Galvn and Alam 2017). In the event that providers increment their rates, the USP paces of the organization would not be plausible any longer to the clients. Dangers of Substitutes The dangers of substitutes are impressively low. It is seen that the clients look for the profoundly improved and great nature of the electronic array (Lee and Grewal 2013). In any case, there are no such item varieties accessible in the market. Subsequently, the organization requires concentrating on the improvement quality parameter more specifical

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Nurse Ratched Essay

A previous armed force nurture, Nurse Ratched speaks to the harsh motorization, dehumanization, and weakening of present day societyâ€in Bromden’s words, the Combine. Her epithet is â€Å"Big Nurse,† which seems like Big Brother, the name utilized in George Orwell’s tale 1984 to allude to a severe and all-knowing position. Bromden portrays Ratched as resembling a machine, and her conduct fits this depiction: even her name is suggestive of a mechanical instrument, seeming like both â€Å"ratchet† and â€Å"wretched.† She enters the novel, and the ward, â€Å"with a whirlwind Ratched has unlimited authority over each part of the ward, just as practically full oversight over her own feelings. In the initial not many pages we see her show her â€Å"hideous self† to Bromden and the associates, just to recapture her doll-like self-control before any of the patients get an impression. Her capacity to introduce a bogus self recommends that the un thinking and severe powers in the public eye gain ascendance through the contemptibility of the amazing. Without monitoring the abuse, the peaceful and compliant gradually become debilitated and slowly are subsumed. Medical attendant Ratched possesses a nonmechanical and verifiably human component in her huge chest, which she disguises admirably well underneath an intensely treated uniform. Her enormous bosoms both ooze sexuality and underline her job as a contorted mother figure for the ward. She can act like â€Å"an heavenly attendant of mercy† while simultaneously disgracing the patients into accommodation; she knows their shaky areas and precisely where to peck. The patients attempt to satisfy her during the Group Meetings via airing their dirtiest, darkest privileged insights, and afterward they feel profoundly embarrassed for how she made them act, despite the fact that they have sat idle. She keeps up her capacity by the vital utilization of disgrace and blame, just as by an assurance to â€Å"divide and conquer† her patients. McMurphy figures out how to unsettle Ratched in light of the fact that he plays her game: he gets on her shaky areas immediately. He utilizes his clear sexuality to lose her machinelike track, and he isn't taken in by her flimsy veneer of sympathy or her erroneously restorative strategies. When McMurphy tears her shirt open at theâ end of the novel, he emblematically uncovered her lip service and misdirection, and she is always unable to recover power.

Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 10

Contextual investigation Example The reason and the serious techniques that give an association an edge over the contenders are known as the systems of the association. Objectives are in some cases expressed in the organization expectation that is distributed toward the beginning of a year. The techniques characterize the activity plan that is received by the association to effectively dispense the accessible assets and accomplish the objectives. Along these lines the extent of tasks and the relationship that exists between the workers, contenders and clients are characterized by the objectives and procedures of the organization. The worker turnover rate at Printzhof Press was low and the pioneers assisted with accomplishing that end. The business model of Printzhof was not quite the same as its rivals. Though most other distributing houses had â€Å"sales rep† who were responsible for reaching various educators and clients in a wide scope of controls, Printzhof had â€Å"publishing rep† that concentra ted on predetermined number of orders. In this manner Printzhof utilized the specialty system and took into account a lesser number of controls. Their distributing reps made it a point to go to various expert occasions that would advise them about the most recent patterns in instructing and research. After itemized examination they would connect with the specialists who might want to build up a working connection with the distributing house. Structure of an organization is the various leveled structure of the lines of power, rights, obligations and interchanges that exist in the equivalent. It causes one decide the jobs, obligations and force that exists in an association and the progression of data in the middle of the various levels. It additionally enables an association to recognize each post, the capacities that are required from that and to whom that individual holding the post would answer to. This association structure helps an association in accomplishing the objectives that have been set by the equivalent. By and large in a brought together association

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IELTS Task 2 Essay Samples - How New Technology Can Help You Get More From The Essay

IELTS Task 2 Essay Samples - How New Technology Can Help You Get More From The EssayAre you curious about the newest versions of IELTS test preparation materials? Whether you want to improve your English skills or get better grades in school, take some time to review the new ielts tasks available. Ielts II and III are only available through Pearson Education, so you will have access to one of the best in the business.Educational writing should be straightforward and informative, without being too technical or complicated. You can find this type of paper online and also print it out for use in an actual essay.Just as with any other test preparation material, you should review all of the tasks on a regular basis. Most importantly, you need to learn how to effectively apply the terminology and grammar patterns that are covered in the tasks. It is good to understand what is included, but don't focus on learning everything there is to know. Remember, the IELTS i-CORE material is designed to be easy, so you don't have to spend hours reading a long document.Many people focus on mastering each concept on an individual level, which will help them reach their goal of passing. In fact, the material should not overwhelm you. This is why you see so many people working hard to study for this test, but then giving up when it comes to actually writing the essays.Taking the time to focus on your style and deliver is also a top priority. It is critical that you do not become too serious but instead keep your attitude lighthearted. Remember, it is supposed to be fun.Just as with any other task, repetition is key. Simply complete each task once and you will begin to see improvements in your IELTS scores. However, if you feel like you need more practice, just take the test again, this time focusing on those tasks that require an in depth knowledge of the subject matter.Write down a list of problems or questions in the event that you encounter a 'real world' or practical problem whi le taking the test. Following this advice will help you as you prepare for your final test. Learning about practical problems ahead of time is extremely helpful because it gives you a good idea of how to react when you do encounter one during the exam.Ultimately, you want to understand how the latest versions of IELTS task samples can benefit you and your overall study and preparation for the test. This helps to ensure that you are preparing correctly and that you are a step ahead of the game. Ielts II and III have a wide variety of essays and paper types and reviewing the entire set of ielts task samples should make it easy for you to move quickly through the test.

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Power vs. Intelligence - Literature Essay Samples

In Shakespeares King Lear, the characters in a position of power are most often the ones who are blindest to the truth. Only after losing that power are they able to gain a clear understanding of the events occurring around them and to realize who their true friends and enemies are. The converse is true as well. Those characters with no power are usually the ones who can see the true motives of other characters. This inverse relationship between power and knowledge is most clearly reflected in four characters: Gloucester, King Lear, the Fool, and Kent.In Gloucesters situation, his power can be equated with his vision. A member of the court, Gloucester has the noble title of earl. In this high position, he is not aware of the motivations behind the actions of those around him. His own son, Edmund, deceives him. Angry at being the illegitimate son and greedy for inheritance, Edmund convinces his father that his other son, Edgar, is plotting to kill him. This does not require m uch effort since Gloucester quickly believes Edmund. Although they plan to meet again to determine whether Edgar really is conspiring against his father, it seems as if Gloucester already believes Edgar to be guilty. This can be seen in the way he refers to Edgar as he instructs Edmund to find out this villain (I.2.115). The next time they meet, Gloucester finds Edmund injured. Although he does not see what happens, Gloucester is easily tricked into believing that Edgar attacked him. At this point, Gloucester is mistakenly convinced that Edgar is the evil son and that Edmund is the good son. He then rewards Edmund, telling him, and of my land, Ill work the means to make thee capable (II.1.83-85). Gloucester learns to see only in his blindness. Six lines after Cornwall completely blinds Gloucester, Gloucester discovers the truth. When he is injured, Gloucester calls out for Edmund to help, but Cornwall quickly informs him that it was [Edmund] that made the overture of thy t reasons to us (III.7.89-90). It is here that Gloucester understands what is happening, exclaiming, O my follies! Then Edgar was abused (III.7.92). Aside from this realization, Gloucester also gains other knowledge in his state of blindness. For one thing, he is less easily persuaded by others. When Edgar tries to convince his father that they are on a hill, Gloucester states, Methinks the ground is even (IV.6.3). His newfound insight is also evident in his encounter with Edgar. When Gloucester could see, he does not recognize his son, asking What are you there? Your names? (III.4.127), when he sees Edgar. After he is blinded, however, he connects Tom Bedlam with Edgar saying, I such a fellow saw My son came then into my mind (IV.1.33-35). Now that he is blind and powerless, he is suddenly more perceptive to the world around him.King Lear experiences a similar exchange between power and knowledge. As ruler of his kingdom, he is first presented in the play as a man with the most power. However, he is also unable to recognize who his friends and enemies are. First, his daughters, Goneril and Regan, easily deceive him. They tell him that they both love him the most, more than word can wield the matter (I.1.55). He believes their lies and divides the kingdom between them, while leaving nothing to his other daughter, Cordelia, who truly loves him. Simply because she refuses to flatter him, he was unable to see the reality of Cordelias true love for him. As a result, he banishes her from his kingdom with the following words: for we have no such daughter, nor shall ever see that face of her again. Therefore be gone without our grace, our love, our benison (I.1.265-267). King Lear also punishes one of his most loyal followers, Kent. Kent sees Cordelias true love for her father, and tries to advise him against making a mistake. Instead, Lear irrationally prefers to believe in Goneril and Regans lies and banishes Kent also. Not only is King Lear una ble to see the evil in his own personal life, but also that of the kingdom. He neglects the poor and does not even acknowledge the existence of poverty in his land. Once Lear gives up his kingdom, however, his lower position allows him to see the truth. He descends into a position of total powerlessness once he is locked out of the castle during a tremendous storm. At this point, he has nowhere to go and cannot even keep his train of men. He now realizes how wicked his two eldest daughters really are, referring to them as pernicious (III.2.22). During the storm, he also sees the poverty in his kingdom, which he fails to recognize when he is in a position of power. Lear wonders how the houseless heads and unfed sides defend [the poor] from seasons such as these. He continues to say, O, I have taen too little care of this! (III.4.32-35), admitting his neglect toward the poor. More importantly, Lear sees through Cordelias lack of flattering and realizes that her love for him is so great that she could not express it in words. Unlike Gloucester and King Lear, the Fool does not experience a fall from power in order to gain knowledge. Instead, because he is already in a low position, he is able to be intelligent. One of two reasons why he already has knowledge is because of the way the other characters perceive him. Most people are not conscious of him, and when they are, they dismiss his presence as unimportant. When Kent asks who the Fool is, for example, the Gentleman answers, None but the fool (III.1.16). They basically see him as a nobody. As a result, the other characters do not pretend to be someone else. They are their true selves around him and thus, the Fool sees the truth. The second reason why his low position allows him to be intelligent stems from the first. Because the other characters do not consider him important, the Fool can say anything he wants and not anger anyone. No one is threatened by him or his statements, as is clear from the Kings actions. The Fools statements are usually much harsher than any other characters words. It is the other characters, however, who are punished while nothing happens to him. When Kent and Cordelia speak the truth, for example, the king becomes so angry that he banishes them from the kingdom. However, when the Fool criticizes the King with, The sweet and bitter fool will presently appear, the one in motley here, the other found out there (I.4.141-144), Lear only replies with, Dost thou call me fool, boy? (I.4.144). The Fool is basically calling the King a fool, but the King does not even get angry. Throughout the play, the Fool provides insight into the actions of the characters. The Fool shows his knowledge through ambiguous statements and clever witticism. The only problem is that no one takes him seriously. When the Fool advises Lear to speak less than thou knowest (I.4.116), Kent says, This is nothing, fool (I.4.125). The Fool also provides simple and clear reasoning for a one sighted King. The Fool only first appears the fourth scene of act 1, after Cordelia has moved away with the King of France. The Fool knows that Lear has done wrong by giving all his land away to his two evil daughters, and tells him so when he says, All thy other titles thou hast given away; that thou wast born with (I.4.146-147). The Fool is supposed to be an idiot, but he is anything but that. The one character in this play who is supposed to be the mad one, is in fact the one person who says things that make sense. Another character who reflects the inverse relationship between power and intelligence is Kent. He is first presented as an earl, a member of the court with a considerable amount of power. However, he is also knowledgeable since he is able to discern which daughters are good and evil. Because no character in King Lear can have both power and intelligence, Kent is quickly put into a position of no power once Lear banishes him. Throughout the rest of the play, Kent plays the role of Lears servant. Because he is in this low position, he can continue to be knowledgeable and take care of the King. In King Lear, power and knowledge do not go hand in hand. In order to obtain one, the other must be lost. This is clearly seen in our discussion of Gloucester, King Lear, Fool, and Kent. Gloucester and King Lear both have to give up their power in order to see what is going on. It is not coincidental that once they lose their power, they are able to see the truth. The Fool is the most knowledgeable character, but only because he has no power. And Kent is forced to become a powerless figure in order to continue his existence as a knowledgeable character.

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Christianity The Rise Of Christianity - 1512 Words

Before the rise of Christianity as a major religion in the European area, Paganism was a belief that was common among all people across Europe. Paganism involved polytheistic beliefs with ritualistic tradition and animal sacrifice. This belief was common in the Anglo-Saxon tradition, which is from where the epic poem Beowulf is thought to have originated circa 550 AD. Due to the origins of Beowulf being surrounded by Pagan tradition and culture and reliance on the method of oral recitation of the story, the poem holds Pagan influences. Examples of these influences include the monsters that Beowulf faces in the story, idol worship, and burning the dead among many other elements. Also around the time of Beowulf, the rise of the Jesus Movement, which eventually became Christianity, was spreading rapidly around Europe. This also served an influence, as populations in Europe were quick to convert from Paganism to Christianity. Consequently, the story would have Christian ideals inserted w ithin during more recounts of the story orally, where Christian monks would transcribe the originally Anglo-Saxon text into language that upheld Christian values more than it did the Pagan values. The rise of Christianity was effective in bringing the epic story of Beowulf into the spotlight, but at the cost of some historic traditions that were associated with the text. Even though this is the case, Beowulf still retains some of its Pagan elements, in conjunction with its Christian elements.Show MoreRelatedRise Of Christianity : Christianity1456 Words   |  6 PagesRise of Christianity Essay Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world. With 2.2 billion adherents, it ranks above Islam, Atheists, and Hinduism. So why is this religion so well known? How did it get where it is today? Where did it start? It started with Jesus of Nazareth who was born in Bethlehem, the Messiah to the Jewish people, and crucified by the Romans. His life, works, death, and resurrection is what started Christianity. But that wasn’t the end of it. Christians would faceRead MoreChristianity And The Rise Of Christianity Essay1468 Words   |  6 Pages Christianity in the 21st century is the largest religion in the world and has over two billion followers. Christians classify themselves under 34,000 different denominations. This popular religion is all about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When a religion is born so is a holy book to remember it by. The bible is considered the word of God and is known for its infamous stories and sayings. The Bible contains rules and righteous acts to live by. Many question as to how ChristianityRead MoreChristianity And The Rise Of Christianity1395 Words   |  6 PagesChristianity is the historical religion stemming from the teachings of Jesus Christ in the 1st century AD. â€Å"Of all the great religions Christianity is the most widespread and has the largest number of adherents.† It is the world’s largest and most influential religion in history. Christianity can be found on every corner of the globe with nearly two billion followers at the beginning of the 21s t century. It is the predominant religion in Europe, the Americas, and Southern Africa. This religion basedRead MoreThe Rise Of Christianity And Christianity1816 Words   |  8 PagesChristianity began its succession into the most dominant worldwide religion after Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. â€Å"We heard Him say, ‘I will destroy this temple made with hands, and within three days build another made without hands.† Upon Jesus’ death and resurrection, he completed this task setting forth the development of Christianity. Since Jesus left no formal authoritative power, organization, or agreed upon scriptures, a wide variety of sects gained popularity in the development of ChristianityRead More The Rise Of Christianity Essay1320 Words   |  6 PagesThe rise of Christianity in philosophy One influential cult was based upon a mystical interpretation of Plato. Neo-Platonism was like a rational science that attempted to break down and describe every aspect of the divine essence and its relationship with the human soul. An Alexandrian Jew named Philo tried using Greek philosophy to interpret the Jewish scriptures. He wanted to unite the two traditions by suggesting that the Greek philosophers had been inspired by the same God who had revealedRead MoreThe Rise And The Spread Of Christianity Essay1154 Words   |  5 PagesThe rise and the spread of Christianity   The Christianity thought to have been rise at the time when Jesus began to predicate his lessons to his followers in Judea and Galilee round the year 30 A.D. Then, it was spreaded through the Hellenistic world including all Greek speaking cities administrated from the Roman Empire.   The   key figure of Christianity is Jesus, about him we learned only in the Paul`s letters, one of his followers lived during the 50`s – 60`s A.D.   Jesus born round 4 B.C.E in NazarethRead MoreThe Rise of Christianity vs. the Rise of Islam740 Words   |  3 PagesThe Rise of Christianity vs. the Rise of Islam The rise of Christianity and Islam happened during a turbulent time in history, when major civilizations like the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire were in decline due to political infighting, disease, and outside barbarians constantly applying pressure. Christianity was adopted in the heart of the Roman Empire, as a way to continue the influence of Rome, while not being able to control all of Europe militarily. (Rise of Christianity, 2012) ThereforeRead MoreEssay The Rise of Christianity Analysis944 Words   |  4 Pages Why has Christianity grown so fast and how it’s spread through so many different counties. From what I have gathered from the readings I think some of the major events that happened was the temples getting destroyed over and over until they finally just kind of gave up. Also, how they stayed with other people no matter poor rich hungry cold, they even stayed and help people when the plague was there. That was when the religion really started to spread, due to people seeing more Christians surviveRead MoreThe Contributions Of Paul On The Rise Of Christianity750 Words   |  3 PagesCharles Ellis HUM 1101 June 8, 2015 Chapter 4 Discussion Explain the contributions of Paul to the rise of Christianity. Paul of Tarsus is the most essential figure in early Christianity. His transformation to Christianity opened doors for the religion. Paul s associations, political aptitudes, and Roman citizenship gave opportunities other Christian pioneers needed. Paul s work made Christianity open for the masses and expanded its range past the Holy Land (Fiero 98). Paul was a Roman citizenRead MoreDecline of Biblical Christianity and Rise of Modern Christianity 1165 Words   |  5 PagesChristianity has quickly begun to lose its true meaning throughout the years. It’s when people use words like love and morals and common sense—they just don’t have the same meaning as they once did all those years ago. Christianity though, unlike the previously stated words, has been modernized in such ways that we have deceivingly altered things such as â€Å"The Ten Commandments† to foolishly fit our desired lifestyles. We have begun a modernization of Christianity I like to refer to as, Twenty-First